The Arctic Legacy Stories

Fighting stains - All natural style
Do you let potential stains decide what color of clothing you wear?I did. And especially when it came to my outdoor clothing. Whether it’s a rainy day in the park with the kids or picking blueberries in the woods you don’t...
The story behind Disconnect. Breathe.
Feeling frazzled and overwhelmed with your week? Time for a “Green Break”. By changing our routines and spending a few minutes a day outdoors and in nature we can reset our minds.
Choosing sustainable shopping
Clothing is a need for everyone and while it has many positive impacts on our daily lives, the truth is the clothing industry's current trends are wreaking havoc on our planet. 
Arctic Wonderland - Saltoluokta
We had planned this trip for a while. Me, 3 of my 4 sisters and our mother. The night train would take us from Stockholm central station to Gällivare and from there a 1,5 hour bus trip to Kebnats. To...
A new Swedish outdoor brand
Evolved from an idea to create the most comfortable outdoor apparel around, locally manufactured in Europe from planet-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality materials.