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    Discover Arctic Legacy's full range of fleeces, fleece jackets, and more mid-layers for men designed for supreme comfort & performance. Fleeces, fleece jackets, and mid-layer that promise to keep you warm, comfortable, and cozy throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions and activity. Wear Arctic Legacy's mid-layers for men as stand-alone pieces or wear them as part of a layering system in between the base layer and your wind and waterproof outer layer. Designed in Sweden and made in Europe from recycled, organic, and high-quality fabrics. Free Delivery & Returns.

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    An important part of any man’s outdoor outfit is the layering system consisting of three garment layers which can be added or removed based on the weather conditions and activity. This is a principle that’s been tried and tested by men for hundreds of years and guarantees to protect you from any weather in the great outdoors. The midlayer, mid layer or mid-layer is as it sounds, the middle layer that goes between your base layer and your outer layer (wind- and waterproof jacket). The men’s mid layer is there to retain the heat from your body and is designed to fit under your outer layer without restricting your natural movements. It's designed for this one purpose only and is generally not wind or waterproof even if some degree of water resistance comes with the mid-layers durable outer surface. A popular choice for men’s mid-layer is the fleece jacket made from recycled stretch polyester. It stays warm when wet, dries very fast, and breathes really well so you don’t sweat that much.

    Arctic Legacy’s fleeces, fleece jackets, and mid-layers for men come in a wide range of models, colors, and sizes and you will for sure find a mid- layer suitable for your needs and preferences. Arctic Legacy’s fleeces, fleece jackets and mid layers for men are all designed and engineered with supreme comfort as the main focus and are generally longer, lighter, and softer than similar garments on the market.

    You can be confident your purchase of any men’s fleece jacket or mid-layer is directly contributing to a better clothing industry with more local production, more sustainable manufacturing methods, and planet-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality fabrics. Explore and shop the Arctic Legacy collection of men's fleeces, fleece jackets, and mid-layers today.