A minimized footprint - Arctic LegacyA minimized footprint - Arctic Legacy

A minimized footprint

Let’s be frank! All manufacturing consumes the planet's resources, so does ours. We do believe however that Arctic Legacy can do more good than bad to this industry and be a fresh driving force in the slow fashion movement. To lead by example and encourage all stakeholders in the value chain to take the necessary steps towards a more sustainable future.

As a startup, we have the benefit of not having to change old structures but rather choose the right path directly. With sustainability as the guiding principle, it’s quite easy for us to apply sustainable practices at every decision point throughout our operations and we’re committed to making a difference. We could soon expect policymakers around the globe to start imposing regulations on this industry, speeding up this positive and much needed change. To team up with the right, most forward-thinking partners & suppliers is therefore our number one priority.

We don't claim to be perfect but we have high ambitions and are learning and improving as we go. Below are some examples of key initiatives we believe have a great instant impact on the planet. Feel free to give us feedback, criticism, credits or just ideas on how to improve this further. sustainability@arcticlegacy.store.

Arctic Legacy are using High-quality European fabrics.
High-quality European fabrics

Our premium fabrics, recycled or organic - are sourced from well-renowned Italian, German and Portuguese manufacturers.
Arctic Legacy are using Modern European sewing studios.
Modern European sewing studios

Impeccable European craftsmanship ensures long-lasting garments while keeping transports within Europe.
Arctic Legacy tries to Keep transports to a minimum
Keeping transports to a minimum

Our European supply chains eliminate the need for sending stuff around the planet in fossil-fueled cargo ships or planes.
Arctic Legacy have a data-driven and demand based production.
Data-driven and demand based production

Match supply and demand to minimize overproduction and unsold, unwanted inventory.
Arctic Legacy prioritize people before profit.
People before profit

We only team up with European manufacturers who care for their people and local communities. Monitored by audits and personal visits.
Arctic Legacy has time-less and versatile designs
Time-less, versatile designs

Our design philosophy is to craft high-quality essentials to be worn a lifetime, regardless of activity.
Arctic Legacy are ditching seasons, collections & new trends.
Ditching seasons, collections & new trends

Slow down consumption by removing incentives for constant renewal of wardrobes.
Arctic Legacy offer free garment repairs.
Offering garment repairs

Extending the life cycle of the garments.
Arctic Legacy's customers are rewarded when returning old garments.
Rewarded when returning old garments

Collecting used garments for either reuse or recycling, keeping the loop closed.