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Our idea in a nutshell

Arctic Legacy's idea is simple. Local and sustainable production of affordable high-end outdoor essentials with amazing comfort and fit. Same class-leading technical standards, same functionality, just more planet-friendly and with a transparent, more fair price tag.

It all started in 2020 with us two (Johan & Mathias) sitting on an outdoor dinner event, both dressed in our favorite fleece jackets from this high-end outdoor brand. These jackets are just so amazing that it lead to a long discussion about it’s great unique feel and what it was that made them so much better than the average fleece jacket. And also what made them so unreasonable expensive that most people around us didn’t care to invest in them.

As curious entrepreneurs, we asked ourselves how we could let more people in on this little secret. How we could apply this great experience onto more garment types and to a more fair price?

After that evening, we started breaking down the bits and pieces of the high-end outdoor industry to fully grasp its costs and business models. These high quality & special products obviously have higher fabric, trims and manufacturing costs but that alone could not explain the high prices. A larger chunk of the costs can instead be attributed to the selling via brick-and-mortar retailers and the commission to those while also preserving high gross profit margins.

So what if we started creating amazing garments with no compromise of quality for men and for women but where we sell direct-to-consumer to a fair price?

Arctic Legacy was born.