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Traceability & transparency

To gain a deeper understanding of our carbon and water footprint, we need to constantly assess our value chains from farms and fiber producers all the way to the end consumer. To identify and push for improvements in energy efficiency and the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. This requires traceability that is built upon transparency that goes beyond our first tier suppliers and all the way back. Transparency is good for the consumers and we welcome anyone to digest this information before making a purchase decision, but for us its used to safeguard the quality of our operation and identifying areas of sustainability improvement.

We early on decided to team up with as few partners as possible, keeping our supply chains super tight and easy to oversee. Also, by keeping all fabric & garment manufacturing within Europe, we eliminate the need of long dirty sea or air transports while at the same time being able to work very close to our suppliers.

At this early stage where we are dependent on only three garment manufactures, we do not, for competitive reasons, disclose their names publicly. However, we welcome anyone to review them and verify our sustainability claims at any time on a confidential basis. Contact our CEO Mathias Klingvall to schedule a review. 

Current supplier list (updated 2022-12-09)

European Fabric suppliers





Joaps Knits & Fabrics

Trims & Accessories suppliers


ACG Accent

Rudholm Group