Arctic Legacy's Journey to Saltoluokta: A Northern Sweden Adventure

We had planned this trip for a while. Me, 3 of my 4 sisters and our mother. The night train would take us from Stockholm central station to Gällivare and from there a 1,5 hour bus trip to Kebnats. To get to Saltoluokta from Kebnats you have to cross the Langas lake. For more than 60 years M/S Langas has operated and taken visitors over the lake to Saltoluokta. In the winter when the lake is frozen you can either walk or ski over the ice to get to the Saltoloukta shore. 

Saltoluokta is a mountain station located ​​in the world heritage site Laponia in northern Sweden. The Saltoluokta area is recognized for its amazing nature and mountain world but also for the thousands of years of Sami culture that still lives in the area and makes its mark on it. The mountain station offers both accommodation and a restaurant and since it is located in the middle of the Kungsleden hiking trail, visitors can either come and stay for a few days and enjoy nature on day hikes or stay as they pass by during a longer hike.

A picture over Saltoluokta in Swedish Lapland

On our way

Finally we were on our way. Excited, we boarded the train, found our cabin and waited for the train to roll out from the platform. As a kid I´ve travelled with the night train many times when going on our yearly family skiing trips to the Swedish alps and I loved it. Though, I was a bit worried that I kind of had romanticised the whole sleeping-on-a-train experience, but I didn't have to worry. After a lovely Italian picnic buffé and a glass of red wine we all let ourselves fall asleep to the rhythm of the train driving through the Swedish landscape. 

A table with food

When we got off the train in Gällivare we felt autumn in the air and the sun was trying to break through a cloudy sky. The closer we got to Kebnats and the mountains, the sky got clearer and when arriving at the Kebnats boat pier the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. It was going to be a perfect day for hiking.

A boat on the lake Langas in Swedish Lapland

Lulep Kierkau mountain climb 

After the short boat ride over to Saltoluokta we quickly changed into our hiking gear and decided to take the trail up to the Lulep Kierkau mountain. First few kilometres we walked in a beautiful birch forest and when passing by a mountain stream we took the opportunity to fill our water bottles with the icy cold water. When we passed the tree line further up on the mountain the view was almost breathtaking with the mix of autumn colors and the blue Langas lake surrounded by the mountains.

A sign with the text Kierkau

Climbing mountains wearing Arctic Legacy clothes
A woman wearing the Nanuk Pro Fleece hoodie from Arctic Legacy
Åsa is wearing the Nanuk Pro Fleece Hoodie in the color Cayenne and the Cypress Trucker in the color Total Eclipse.

We knew that the hike trail up to Lulep Kierkau was classified as “difficult”. To get to the top you first have to walk and half climb through a ravine and when you think you are almost at the top, you are only halfway there. Protected from the wind with a view over Langas lake we sat down to eat our packed lunch. Coffee and cheese sandwiches had never tasted that good :-).

 Two women wearing Arctic Legacy clothes in Swedish Lapland

Johanna is wearing the Nanuk Pro Fleece Hoodie and the Nova Dual Layer Beanie, both in the purple color "Crushed Berry". Lisa is wearing the Nanuk Pro Fleece Hoodie in the yellow color "Zinnia".

When we finally reached the top it really felt like we were on top of the world. Even though the walking and half climbing up to the top was quite an exercise we understood that it would take us time to get down. When we finally got on flatter ground it felt that we used muscles we didn't even know we had. Getting back to Salta mountain station a well deserved dinner buffé was waiting for us. That night I fell asleep as soon as I put my head on the pillow. 

Birthday celebrations and reindeer

We started our second day with traditional singing and presents in bed celebrating my sister's birthday. As we were all quite sore from the previous day's hike we had a long breakfast and decided to take a more easy trail for the day. We started a few kilometres on the Winter trail before we decided to walk straight into the carpet of blueberry and crowberry bushes. And when the sun finally struggled through the clouds we laid down in the middle of all the autumn colors and just enjoyed the total quietness while the sun warmed us. On the way back to Salta mountain station we saw a reindeer herd running over the mountain. A sight I will keep in my mind for a rainy Monday. 

A woman wearing clothes from Arctic Legacy in Swedish Lapland.

The Nova Dual Layer Beanie from Arctic Legacy
The Arctic Legacy color palette is really blending in with the natural colors of The Arctic landscape.

Reindeers in Swedish Lapland Arctic Legacy

The Cypress trucker hat from Arctic Legacy
The Cypress Trucker from Arctic Legacy in its right elements.

Two women wearing Arctic Legacy clothes in Swedish Lapland

To continue the birthday celebrations we had booked the wood-fired sauna on the shore of Saltoluokta. With a view over the bay and the mountains we popped a bottle of cava and toasted for both our sister and another beautiful day in the Laponia nature.

A bottle of champagne in Swedish Lapland from Arctic Legacy

Swimming in a lake in Swedish Lapland

Lake Pietsjaure/ Bietsávvre

Our last day we walked the trail towards lake Pietsjaure where the Sirges Same village has its summer settlement. During the rest of the year the village is not inhabited but still a beautiful place to visit. The wind was quite strong and we needed both jackets and gloves when we sat down admiring the stunning mountains and sea view. On the way back we took the longer trail, picked lingon and cloudberries while seeing the reindeers grazing in the horizont. 

 A sign in Swedish Lapland

A lake in Swedish Lapland

A woman wearing the Milo Organic Tee from Arctic Legacy next to a lake in Swedish Lapland.
Kristin is wearing Arctic Legacy's new Milo Organic Tee in the color "Dark Navy".

A lake in Swedish Lapland 

After dinner we sat down in front of the fireplace and summarized our stay and everything we had experienced. We met a german man who just ended his 20 days long hike at Saltoluokta, a hard core hiker. He's been walking alone from northern Norway to Salta which was his last stop before going back to Germany. We talked about how unique Sweden is in that way, with the “allemansrätt” which makes it possible to hike, fish and enjoy nature even though someone owns the land you are on. A nature available to everyone. A nature to disconnect and breathe.

We said our goodbyes to Saltaloukta, for this time. I know for sure that I will be back.

Lingonberries in the forest from Arctic Legacy

Amazing colors ♡. Green leafs, lingonberries and the Nanuk Pro Fleece Hoodie from Arctic Legacy in the color "Cayenne".


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