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European quality & craftsmanship

At Arctic Legacy, we believe people should love to wear our garments, not only for their design or technical attributes but for their great feel, comfort and coziness. Most of us can probably recall that special piece of beloved garment you never wanted to separate from. That's our sweet spot.

This is achieved through the use of the finest European fabrics in combination with high attention to details and impeccable European craftsmanship. For the designs and patterns, we have been blessed to be working with, and mentored by the awesome Cina Haas at Svensk mönsterform with 30 years of experience from pattern making in the outdoor industry.

All of our fabrics are sourced from well-renowned European manufacturers and our modern European sewing studios reside in Portugal and Estonia. Besides the most obvious environmental benefits of keeping all production in Europe - it enables us to closely monitor the whole process, from the initial idea to the last stitch, ensuring we meet our highly set quality standards. Check out Arctic Legacy's range of Swedish outdoor apparel & gear for men and women.