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A rookie's mindset

So how come two guys with no previous experience from designing, producing and selling clothes ended up doing just that? Well the short answer is - because navigating the unknown and exploring new territories is exciting and refreshing. To adopt a rookie's mindset and approach a new challenge with a new set of eyes sparks joy, creativity and innovation. A dream for any entrepreneur.

At the same time we're entering into an industry undergoing large-scale changes. From a pandemic that has kicked the digital transformation into high gear and where the industry's negative effect on the planet has gotten worldwide attention. Threats to the dinosaurs, opportunities for the disruptors.

There are a number of ways to go about building a startup in a completely new and unfamiliar industry;

Either you hire experienced people from that industry telling you how it works and what you should do. Or you start with a clean sheet and learn the craft yourself, piece by piece from the ground up. The latter requires time and energy but sets a super strong foundation and culture while creating a neutral and unbiased perspective on the opportunities ahead.

To kick things off we met with a bunch of industry people and suppliers to understand their view on the world. We soon realized that the way large parts of the industry works today is not the way we're picturing it tomorrow and our supply chain sourcing would require some serious efforts. How could we team up with suppliers and manufactures who really understand the new nature of the game. Where long lead times, maximized order volumes and low flexibility is replaced with a data-driven, customer centric and agile approach.

After almost 1,5 years of extensive research with travels and meetings we’re happy to have teamed up with the right guys on all positions in our supply chains. Not only forward-thinking and agile but also with a focus on reducing their planet impact. These qualities seem to go hand in hand.

In terms of product development we early on decided to take full control over the process, designing everything in-house and based on our own personal preferences. With help from our awesome pattern designer Cina Haas, our only external consultant - we have crafted a bunch of time-less and high quality essentials that hold our specific Arctic Legacy touch.