Fair working conditions

At Arctic Legacy, we believe that all people involved in the production of our garments have the right to fair and safe working conditions. We understand that the way our garments are produced is just as important as the end product itself. That is why we are committed to ensuring that all people involved in the production of our garments are treated with dignity and respect, and should be paid a living wage that allows them to support themselves and their families.

One of the ways we work towards fair working conditions is by carefully selecting and working with manufacturers and sewing studios that share our values and commitment to ethical labor practices. We conduct regular audits of our suppliers to ensure that they comply with local labor laws, and that people are paid fair wages and have access to safe working conditions.

We also prioritize transparency in our supply chain and keep open communication with our suppliers and customers about the working conditions in our manufacturing sites.

At Arctic Legacy, we believe that fair and safe working condition. are not only a moral imperative but also a crucial part of building a sustainable and responsible business. By working towards fair working conditions, we are able to ensure that our garments are produced in an ethical and responsible manner, while also supporting the well-being of the people involved in their production.

We understand that it is a continuous work and we are committed to continuously improve our practices and work conditions. We are proud of our commitment to fair working conditions and will continue to strive to do better in the future.