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Closing the loop

What does it mean really? In short, it's about creating a system to recirculate materials after its use in an endless loop. To start seeing end-of-life products as a resource even from the start. So when your beloved garment has been used, reused, repaired and finally been worn-out it shall be restored into the raw materials it once came from and start a new life.

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The Arctic Legacy loop:

1 - Raw Material / Bring as much recycled raw material into our loop as possible. From sustainable and preferably local sub-suppliers.

2 - Textile production / Produced in sustainable European factories with minimal fresh water consumption and pollution.

3 - Garment design / Timeless style and with components that can be separated to facilitate their disassembly or repair.

4 - Garment manufacturing / Produced in sustainable European factories with minimal waste and using eco-friendly sources of energy.

5 - Consumer use & reuse
Timeless, high-quality garments ensures longevity and we encourage our customers to use, reuse and repair before recycling.

6 - Collect & recycle / We incentivize customers to return worn out garments and have teamed up with partners turning our products into new raw material. See the Retearn™ initiative below.

Minimizing the length of all transports and do not use fossil-fueled cargo ships or planes. Prioritize transports using renewable energy sources.


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The retearn program.

An important part of our circularity initiative is to keep all our products and materials within a loop for infinite recycling. To make sure we collect all end-of-life products and eventually turn them back into the raw materials they once came from.

The retearn program is an initiative to educate, motivate and incentivize people to become more conscious about their consumption and how they with recycling contributes to a better, more sustainable planet. Returning worn out clothes should be as natural as returning your PET bottles or batteries.

Before considering the retearn program, we encourage our customers to wear their garments for as long as possible, repair if needed and pass it on to others for re-wear. Remember that Arctic Legacy guarantees the quality and performance of our apparel & gear during the functional product lifetime. When these options are no longer viable, the garments should be sent back to us.

What happens when a product is returned to Arctic Legacy?

All products collected are sent forward to our recycling partner who then sorts out garments for reuse and garments for instant recycling. In the end, all garments ends up as raw material and starts a new life.

What are the incentives for returning worn-out Arctic Legacy garments?

Every batch of Arctic Legacy clothes (one piece or several) that are sent to us entitles to a discount code of 15€ to be used at the Arctic Legacy Store. Please send your worn-out clothes to Arctic Legacy AB, Hornsgatan 66B, 118 21 Stockholm and contact us on for a one-time discount code.