The Arctic Legacy Stories

Arctic Legacy - Proudly Made in Europe

Arctic Legacy redefines outdoor apparel by investing in European craftsmanship and eco-materials. Contrasting with the industry's norm of Far East production, we focus on sustainability, ethical labor practices, and reducing environmental impact. Our partnerships with European suppliers ensure high-quality, eco-friendly materials for our durable outdoor gear. By choosing Arctic Legacy, consumers make a conscious choice for the planet and quality, embracing a sustainable future in outdoor fashion.

The History of Outdoor Clothing: A Journey Through Time
Outdoor clothing has evolved from animal hides and natural fibers to lightweight, breathable synthetics. This history reflects our quest for comfort and function in nature, with a promising future of eco-conscious choices and advanced technology.
Eco-Friendly Stain Fighting: Arctic Legacy's All Natural Approach
Do you let potential stains decide what color of clothing you wear? I did. And especially when it came to my outdoor clothing. Whether it’s a rainy day in the park with the kids or picking blueberries in the woods you don’t want to walk around worrying about ugly stains on your clothes. Here's how to fight the stains.
Disconnect. Breathe. The Arctic Legacy Mantra for a More Mindful Life
Arctic Legacy's mantra is Disconnect. Breathe. Being outdoors doesn't have to be the grand adventures where we spend weeks away from home. These moments can be just that, moments in our day where we open our eyes to the nature around us.
Sustainable Shopping with Arctic Legacy: Protecting People & Planet
Clothing is a need for everyone and while it has many positive impacts on our daily lives, the truth is the clothing industry's current trends are wreaking havoc on our planet. 
Arctic Legacy's Journey to Saltoluokta: A Northern Sweden Adventure
A blog article where Johanna Holvid at Arctic Legacy depicts her trip to Swedish Lapland together with her sisters and mother in the late summer of 2022. They spent some days trekking the wonderful Saltoluokta area wearing Arctic Legacy garments.
Discover the New Swedish Outdoor Brand: Arctic Legacy
We're on a simple mission. To invest in European Craftsmanship and Local Eco-materials to build exceptional outdoor gear, durable for ages. With multifunctional designs and with an aim of delivering unparalleled performance and comfort.