Eco-Friendly Stain Fighting: Arctic Legacy's All Natural Approach

Do you let potential stains decide what color of clothing you wear?

I did. And especially when it came to my outdoor clothing. Whether it’s a rainy day in the park with the kids or picking blueberries in the woods you dont want to walk around worrying about ugly stains on your clothes. But then your wardrobe also end up accordingly, quite boring in the long run, especially as I love colors.

Therefore, when picking a new fleece jacket I went for Arctic Legacy's Nanuk Pro Fleece Hoodie in the beautiful yellow color Zinnia. And like all clothes that becomes a favorite - I wear it all the time.

One of the best features on my Nanuk Pro fleece from Arctic Legacy are the thumb wholes. Perfect on the dog walk when it’s a bit chilly but too warm for gloves. But this is the result of holding a wet dog leash and playing fetch with muddy sticks for a few hours.

An image showing the Nanuk Pro Fleece Hoodie from Arctic Legacy with stains

I've never been a fan of strong chemical stain removers, maybe some of them work but its not for me. So I started searching for natural stain remover methods, why use chemicals if you dont have to. Vinegar and citric acid are common “housewife” stain remover tips but depending on the fabric you have to be careful so that you dont damage the fabric itself. I read some really good reviews about bile soap (Galltvål). The soap is biodegradable and contains no preservatives or other chemical substances.

A picture of a fleece hoodie from Arctic Legacy washed in galltvål

To be able to compare the result I gently rubbed some bile soap on only one of the fleece sleeves, left it for about 10 min before putting the fleece in the washing machine. 40 min in 40 degrees and this was the result.

2 cuffs on the Nanuk Pro Fleece Hoodie from Arctic Legacy

As this result really gave me a taste for it I continued with my beloved Ember Organic Crew Sweater from Arctic Legacy. On a trip to the woods with blueberry picking on the agenda I of course ended up with several blueberry stains on the sweater which turned in to light purple stains after a wash in the machine. The cure for dried in blueberry stains? – sour milk.

The Ember Organic Sweater from Arctic Legacy cleaned with sour milk

I covered the stains with the sour milk, left it for the night and washed my Ember Organic Crew Sweater in 30 degrees, 30 minutes and voila, the stains were gone, like magic.

Do you have any tips on the topic? Please share in the comments.

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